Ariel is a teacher at the Vancouver Burlesque Company. Check out her current Vancouver offerings here

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Work Your Showgirl Heels - available in your city upon request!

Join Ariel Helvetica in her new "Work Your Showgirl Heels" workshop. In this 1.5 hour workshop Ariel will teach you how to work your heels like a pro. Learn how to pick the right type of shoe for your own unique self, and get tips on where to get the right heel for you. Gain confidence, grace and poise while embracing the heels you choose. Ariel will help you with balance and posture in a series of across the floor work along with stretches and exercises to take your heel game to the next level. 
What to bring:
Your favorite heels and any other heels you want to feel more confident in.

Ballet Bootycamp - available in your city upon request!

Join Ariel Helvetica in her "Ballet Bootycamp" class where you will use the power of ballet to strengthen and tone your bodacious booty. Ariel will teach you a series of movements using the ballet barre and floor focusing on core strength and sculpting. Forget what you thought about ballet and come get down with Ariel in this fun and effective work out. You will be plié and tendu-ing to the sounds of your favorite 90s music, no piano ballads here! This class is ideal for all levels who want to strengthen posture and achieve a whole body (especially the booty!) workout.

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Can Can Kick It - available in your city upon request!

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Did you know "Can Can" means scandal in French? This high-energy dance originated in the working class ballrooms of Paris and eventually became a highly choreographed routine lasting 10 minutes or more. In Ariel's "Can Can Kick It" class you will learn the suggestive, provocative and high kicking dance move that was once considered "shocking". Come learn from professional high-kicker Ariel Helvetica who has performed the Can Can on stages in France and around the world. This class is for all levels, and is perfect for those looking to increase flexibility and strength.

Come dressed in clothing you can move, kick and dance in!

In Between Your Fans - available in your city upon request!

Perfecting your transitions in your fan dance with confidence and ease can be a tough challenge to tackle. In this intermediate class Ariel Helvetica will teach you ways to flow gracefully between your moves while on stage. We will work on getting to the floor and what to do with your fans while taking your bits off. Come learn some new moves, tips and tricks while dancing inbetween the fans! Please bring your own fans.

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Stretching for Showgirls  - available in your city upon request!

Take your bendy skills to the next level with Ariel Helvetica in her 1.5 hour "Stretching for Showgirls" workshop. In this workshop Ariel will take you through a delicious and deep stretch routine aimed to elongate muscles and increase your flexibility. These stretches will assist in improving your posture and balance, and is extremely helpful for reducing stress levels and tension.

 All levels welcome! Please wear clothing you can stretch comfortably in.