Ariel Helvetica has been stamping her unique font all over the Vancouver Burlesque scene since her October 2011 solo debut. A born and raised dancer, Ariel spent 5 years abroad, wowing audiences in France as a professional Can-Can/Showgirl, and then  criss-crossing the globe and criss-crossing her long legs as a professional high-kicker on cruise ships, visiting 45 countries along the way. 

  Growing up and training to be a “serious” dancer, Ms. Helvetica’s natural talent and drive took her far into the realm of traditional dance and ballet. But her love of performing, musicals, show tunes and, above all else, dancing to the beat of her own drum, hinted she would eventually leave those constricting toe shoes behind for bigger - and higher -  kicks. Sure enough, Ariel’s raw sense of creativity and passion soon pulled her towards the hot red lights of burlesque, where she finally gave in to temptation, biting the apple of this delightful art form. Ariel is a proud member of Pandora & the Locksmiths- a dynamic collective of professional singers, dancers, striptease artists and musicians.  You can also find this kinky kicker working her magic across local stages in her city at the Orchid Club, Go Go Bungalow at the Shameful Tiki Room, Nightmare Before Nutcracker and many, many more!   Ariel has performed at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Southwest Burlesque Showcase in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Edmonton Burlesque Festival, the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival and world renowned New Orleans Burlesque Festival where she competed for the coveted title of Queen of Burlesque in 2015.  In 2016 Ariel also headed south to sin city to compete for Miss Viva Las Vegas and to Detroit to perform at the Worlds Greatest Masquerade on Earth- Theatre Bizarre.   In 2017 Ariel won "Best Costume" at the Texas Burlesque Festival for her now signature performance of her can can act "Cloud 9 Showgirl."

Ms. Helvetica is a  teacher at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre and has also brought her Can Can expertise to BurlyCon Burlesque Arts Convention in Seattle, Washington.


Ariel- Fubarfoto.jpg

Performance Highlights Include:

  • Vancouver International Burlesque Festival         2014 // 2015 // 2016 // 2017//         Featured Performer 2018
  • Southwest Burlesque Showcase 2015
  • Edmonton Burlesque Festival 2015//2016// Headlining Performer 2017
  • Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2015
  • New Orleans Burlesque Festival - Bad Girls of Burlesque Show 2014//2015
  • New Orleans Burlesque Festival Queen Competition 2015
  • European Tour 2015- Milan, Rome, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Stockholm + Paris 
  • Competing for Miss Viva Las Vegas 2016 
  • Theatre Bizarre Detroit 2016   
  • Spellbound Burlesque Phoenix, AZ 2017    
  • Texas Burlesque Festival "Best Costume" 2017
  • Wasabassco NYC  2017
  • Bayou City Burlesque + Circus Arts Festival 2017
  • Minneapolis Burlesque Festival Headliner 2017
  • Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Bingo Shows 2018

Local Performances highlights:

  • with Pandora & the Locksmiths since 2014
  • guest performances at Sweet Sip with Sweet Soul Burlesque 2014-2018
  • Nightmare Before Nutcracker at the Rio Theatre 2014//2015
  • GoGo Bungalow at the Shameful Tiki Room Montly Performer 2014-2018
  • Tarantino Burlesque with Blue Morris 2014//2015
  • Star Wars: A Nude Hope with Geekenders 2015
  • Orchid Club Burlesque 2015//2016